Data Migration Glossary

Last updated: 07/18/23

Applies to: 

The clients, who are using Trujay services for data migration / estimation / backup, and would like to know more details about the terminology applied in such cases.

Solutions Overview:

Definition of the main types of data migration, backup, field mapping, objects.

                                      Self-service migration:

It is possible to perform the migration by yourself via the Trujay Wizard tool. You may follow the steps of Connect, Select Objects, Match Users, Map fields, Run Sample, Start Full Migration

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Sample migration:

This is a step of a Self-Service migration. Sample is a process where we transfer a small part of your records (approximately 10% of all data) to the target CRM platform and estimate the price of a Full Data Migration. Learn more

Custom migration: 

For migrations that cannot be completed using our Migration Wizard (our self-service migration offering), our very experienced data experts perform the entire migration for you. Please reach out for an estimate: Contact us

Guided migration:

Guided Migrations are typically situations where the project can be managed using the Migration Wizard but the customer would feel more comfortable if a CSM managed the migration setup, testing, and execution of the full migration instead of the customer being responsible for these steps.

Backup & export:

For each CRM that we support via our Migration Wizard, we also offer backup and export capabilities. Users are able to complete one-time backups or scheduled backups, either to be stored in the cloud or to be exported to CSV or JSON. See more


The mapping is used to designate where data from the source system will go in the destination system. During the data migration, you can map objects, data fields, and data field values.


A single item in your database, or row in a CSV file. The single record is composed of various data fields and their values. This could be a contact, note, account, lead, opportunity, task, activity, attachment, etc.


These objects vary from CRM to CRM but generally include Contacts, Accounts/Companies, Leads, Deals/Opportunities, Tasks, Calls, etc.


A field is a property on a record. These properties, or data fields, store the values on the records in your database. For example, a data field can store the value of a company's "Name". Data fields can appear in various types, including text, picklists, checkboxes, numeric fields, and more.

API (Application Programming Interface):

In short, APIs give us access to systems to insert and retrieve data without compromising the core code of the system. API is a protocol that defines interactions between apps to exchange data and functionalities it allows two applications to "talk" to each other. There is usually an API for each data object, so an API for Contacts, one for Accounts, one for Deals, etc.

If you ever hear us say that the API is missing or unavailable, it means that the system we're attempting to connect to has not created the needed API to allow us to access the data. 

API methods:

API methods go hand-in-hand with APIs. The methods tell us specifically how we can interact with the data, so whether or not we can read, write, delete, etc. So, if the API 
If we say that the API is insufficient or not robust enough, it usually means that the API is missing a specific method, preventing us from accessing the data as we need to. 


If the API is the door to the external system's data, the Connector is the key. For each API that we connect to, we've built a connector to allow us to interact with that API. As APIs get updated, so do our connectors.


The process of identifying and removing or merging duplicate records in a database.

Delta migration:

Delta migration is a process to make target CRM up to date with source CRM before the end of the project. It is provided if clients have been using source CRM actively throughout the project period in order not to lose their changes in target CRM. Learn more

Migration license:

Offers the ability to use our tools in any way you need. We provide access to a certain amount of migration updates, re-migrations, and support staff over a specific period, depending on the chosen plan. Learn more

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