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How much does a migration cost?

Last Updated: 05/12/23

Applies to:

Users planning to do the CRM data migration using Trujay services, who would like to know the migration cost.

Common Causes / Issues:

Planning the budget for CRM data migration and checking the details.

Tactical Rundown:

The price of a CRM data migration depends on several factors:

  1. Total Record Count
  2. Source & Destination CRM
  3. Special Requirements

Total Record Count:

A record is a single entity such as a contact, an email, an attachment, a deal, etc. Our estimator tool will discover how many total records you have. Trujay’s base migration cost is then calculated based on the record tier you fall into.

Source & Destination CRM:

We’ve built automatic connections to over 24+ CRMs. If we don’t have an automatic connection built for both of your CRMs, then you will have to explore a Custom Migration with us.

Special Requirements:

This refers to any unique requirements you may have, such as customizations, custom objects, etc.


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