How to activate users in Salesforce CRM for the automated Data Migration?

Take this advice to perform the complete the Salesforce Data Migration in an automated way.

    1. Login your Salesforce account.
    2. In case you use the Salesforce Lightning, it is recommended to switch the Salesforce Classic.


    1. To view the full user’s list, press the ”Setup” button. It is located at the top right corner of the screen.

      After that pick up ”Manage Users” and press the ”Users”.


    1. Notice, that the user will be inactive during the migration process in such cases:
      1. the name is not noticed as Active (it is not marked as “true” in the “Active” field Checkbox)
      2. the name has one of the following means: “Chatter Free User”, “Chatter External User”, ”Chatter Moderator User” in the “Profile”


    1. Press the “Edit” button (within the corrected Username) for each of them and provide the following actions:
      1. make the user active (mark the “Active” Checkbox)


      1. Change the meaning of “User License” field, It should not be “Chatter Free” or “Chatter External”.


    1. Now you can start your Demo Migration.
    2. In case you are satisfied with its results, run a complete Migration.