How to find the credentials for the authorization during automatic migration from Act!

Last updated: 5/18/22

When you want to migrate your data from Act! to another platform during the automatic migration you need to enter your web credentials to authorize to your Act! system and proceed with the migration.


1. In the Connection Host field, enter the URL of your Act! CRM platform.

Notice. It works in most cases, but if don't, probably you have a specific connection. Therefore, enter it by yourself or ask the system administrator or your tech expert.


2. In the Connection Port just enter 1433 - it’s the standard port in this case. <br>

Notice. If you changed that number on your custom ones, enter it or ask your tech expert.


3. The Database Name. There are 2 options to choose from:

1. Find it while entering Act! as it is shown in the screenshot



2. Provide Trujay tech experts with the web access to your platform so they can find it for you. To do that or in case of any other issues, please contact our CRM expert.