How to find URL for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If you decide to move the CRM data from or to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want to find URL of the platform, consider the following steps:

  1. Sign into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM account.
  2. Press on the square ‘Dynamics 365’ on the left side of the page.


3. Then, go to ‘My App’ and click on the square ‘Dynamics 365 - custom’ and you will be redirected to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



4. After that, go to your browser address bar and copy a link address (from the beginning till the /main.aspx/ ). It could contains words “” or even not.

E.g. If your URL is You should copy “” and paste it in the migration wizard.



5. Then, paste the copied link into the required field in the migration wizard, as well as your email and password and proceed with your CRM migration.