How to select objects to migrate

Last Updated: 5/18/22

Applies to: 

  • Migration Wizard Users

Common Causes / Issues: 

  • You've successfully connected your CRMs and now want to select the objects you want to migrate

Solutions Overview: 

The "Select Objects" step in the Migration Wizard allows you to easily select or unselect objects you want to migrate.

Tactical Rundown: 


Step 1: 

Select or unselect the objects you want to migrate by clicking the checkbox.

Step 2: 

When happy, click the "NEXT" button to move to the next step. The Wizard will then map your legacy CRMs object to the corresponding new CRMs object.

This card will ONLY render native CRM objects in the user interface.

Every object has limitations on the number of max records per object that will be migrated for the sample. This limitation number can be found in the far right column.

If you have custom or additional objects that need to be migrated. Reach out to our team via chat and we'll explore a customization for you in order to migrate it.

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