How to use User matching versions

Last Updated: 10/06/23

Applies to: 

  • Migration Wizard Users.

Common Causes / Issues: 

  • You've successfully matched CRM users, a duration of time passes, and now you have new CRM users in your source or target CRM that you need to map.

Solutions Overview: 

Matching Versions allows you to switch between previous and current versions of the User mappings:


Tactical Rundown:

If you click "REFRESH RECORDS" button, the application will fetch any new CRM users that were added in either the source or target CRMs since your last Trujay login:

New users will then be indicated as follows:


Map the source user (on the left) appropriately to a user on the target and click the "SAVE" button.

If autosave is not enabled, every time you click "SAVE" button a new Matching Version will be created. Autosave should be enabled by default.

If you click the 3 ellipses in the header and then click "VERSIONS" the Matching Versions modal will appear:

You will see a full list of your Matching versions.




  • Important = iterations you deem are important and want to keep track of
  • Regular = iterations you've made that do not constitute being flagged as important versions
  • Base = the default iteration

To view a specific version, just click on the appropriate row. 


You will then be navigated back to the selected matching version below:


You'll then be able to use this version by clicking "USE THIS VERSION" button, if desired.

The User matching will then update to this version.


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