Incompatible Field Mapping

Last Updated: 02/27/23

Applies to:

  • Users who are doing data migration between different CRMs
  • Users who are dealing with field mapping

Common Causes / Issues:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the possible issues while doing field mapping and the ways to avoid these issues

Tactical Rundown:

When setting up custom mappings, you sometimes face the problem of incompatible field mapping. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why this might happen during the automated migration:  

1. When you map any field type into drop-down fields 

Trujay’s experts can solve this issue if the customer buys Custom or Guided Migration.

Note: The best way is to map the same field types. All types of target CRM you can map only once, but you can map one field into several fields from the source CRM. Besides, not all target fields are available because they have access levels - “Read-only.”  


2. Partial compatibility of the drop-down multi-select field with the usual drop-down field.

Here, only one value can be migrated.    


3. Text field into date/number field.

Trujay’s experts can try to convert it.   

Note: If a date/number is in the correct format, it’s possible to convert it and migrate data. But if the form isn’t proper for conversion, the data will be lost.    


4. Bullet field into the date or number.      


5. Number into the date.      


6. Date into the number.    

If you face any of these issues described above, please contact our experts, and they’ll help you to solve your problem and meet your business requirements.  

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