Labels (tags) are not supported in HS. How can we migrate and reflect this data?

Last Updated: 10/04/2023

Applies to:

  • Migration Wizard Users.

Common Causes / Issues:

  • Options of how to reflect data, related to Labels (tags) in HS after migration.

Solutions Overview:

  • Option to convert tags and import them or create lists in HS.

Tactical Rundown:

HubSpot CRM functionality does not work with tags. Trujay Migration tool, therefore, does not support migration of tags to HubSpot by default.

However, if your source CRM does utilize tags functionality, we can offer 2 possible workarounds here: 

  1. We can convert tags and import them as values of multiple checkbox field on the corresponding objects. For example, tag A has a relation to the company N in source CRM. As a result of the conversion, it will become the value A of the multiple checkbox field in the company N.
  2. If you are only looking to migrate tags functionality for contacts, we can create lists in HS that would be named the same way as tags you had in source CRM, and add contacts to these lists accordingly. Therefore, instead of tags on each contact, it will show up as a list membership on the contact record in HubSpot. If a contact used to have a couple of tags, it will have membership of those corresponding lists on its page.

Both solutions are non-default for migration to HubSpot, so please contact us to have it scoped for your case and get an approximate estimate of hours required for this conversion.

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