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Migrating records with the correct dates and times

Last Updated: 5/20/22

Applies to:

People who are doing a data migration from a source CRM to a new target CRM with the help of The Migration Wizard.

Common Causes / Issues:

Trying to set up the correct date and time for the records within the migration

Tactical Rundown:

For some objects, system fields such as “create date/created at”, “created by”, and “update date” are filled in automatically upon record creation for most CRMs. 

For the “create date” and “update date” system fields, the CRM usually enters the date/time of the migration (the moment a record is created via API). For the “created by” field, the CRM will automatically set the field to the user under which the migration was performed - since technically, this user is the record creator via API.

In order to preserve these field values and ensure accurate CRM history, we suggest you create the necessary custom fields in your target CRM. Once created, you can refresh the mapping page, navigate back to the fields in question, and map them to your new custom fields.

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