What are the main requirements to the Excel file for the successful data migration?

Last Updated: 03/01/23

Applies to: 

Users who would like to migrate data from Excel file to other CRM 

Common Causes / Issues:

Possible difficulties which may occur during the data migration from the Excel file

Solutions Overview:

Explanation of the requirements to the Excel file for the successful data migration

Tactical Rundown:

Trujay users can migrate data from the Excel file directly to CRM.
However, there are a few requirements to the Excel file for successful data migration.

1. The file should include the Column “id” or “ID” that contains unique values:


2. There must not be empty cells in the header:


3. The Column “id” or “ID” must not include empty cells.


4. The file can be downloaded from Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, or Computer Hard Drive.

5. The number of columns in each row is the same (there are no merged cells).


6. There should be a single tab only.


7. The file type (extension) is .xls or .xlsx

Please ensure the file name contains one of the mentioned extensions. If not, edit its name to FILENAME.XLS or FILENAME.XLSX.


8. The file size is less than 1 Gb.


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