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Some user’s data in my source CRM have not been migrated to my target CRM. Why did this happen?

Last Updated: 02/22/23

Applies to:

  • Users who are doing data migration between CRMs

Common Causes / Issues:

  • Explaining the reasons why not all the records may be migrated and solutions provided to fix that

Tactical Rundown:

In some cases, the user privileges in your target CRM regarding creating, owning, and object inclusion are more limited than your source CRM user privileges.

As an example, say user privileges in your source CRM include deal creation, but in your target CRM, deal creation is excluded. This would result in the deals created by users in your source CRM not being migrated to your target CRM.

To avoid this issue, make sure that your user privileges in both your source and target CRMs correspond before migration, and that your users have full permission with regard to access, creation, and object record ownership.

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