What to do if not all the attachments have been migrated from Salesforce?

The Wizard tool can migrate attachments if they can be accessed for reading by the user under which he is authorized in Salesforce for migration.

All attachments that are not accessible for the user will not be migrated. In order to make all Salesforce attachments accessible for reading by the user, it is required to do permission set and assign the user to it.

Below you can see a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to do this: 


1. Go to  Setup → Permission Sets

Permission sets

2. Click "New" button


3. Go to System Permissions

view all data

4. Click Edit Properties there, and check the option View All data


5. Go to  App Permission → Content → Query All Files (check the option Allows View All Data users to SOQL)


  1. Once a Permission set is created, it is required to apply it to the user. On the permission set, click Manage assignments



Add assignment


Once permission set is assigned to the user under which you are authorized in the migration tool, please contact us and the support team will migrate missing attachments to your target CRM!