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CRM Permission Level

Last Updated: 09/22/22

Applies to: 

The people who would like to change the CRM permission level before CRM migration

Solutions Overview:

Explanation of the user privileges settings for CRMs. 

HubSpot CRM examples - how to change permission levels. 

Tactical Rundown:

It's perfect to have the CRM's highest user permission level in order to access all of your data.

In some cases, the user privileges in your target CRM regarding creating, owning, and object inclusion are more limited than your source CRM user privileges.

As an example, user privileges in your source CRM include deal creation, but in your target CRM deal creation is excluded. This would result in the deals, created by users in your source CRM, not being migrated to your target CRM.

To avoid this issue, make sure that your user privileges in both your source and target CRMs correspond before migration, and that your users have full permission with regards to access, creation, and object record ownership.

If you would like to change user permissions in HubSpot, for example, you will need to go to Settings and then select "Users and Teams": 


After that - you can change the permission set for the selected users (to "Admin" or "SuperAdmin" for example):

That's it!

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