Error messages while connecting Zendesk CRM, and the way to fix them.

Last Updated: 09/29/23

Applies to:

Zendesk CRM users encountering the error message: "Couldn’t access your Zendesk account due to: Invalid credentials."

Common Causes / Issues:

The error typically occurs when IP address restrictions are enabled in Zendesk, preventing access to the account from unauthorized IPs.

Solutions Overview:

Steps indicated to resolve the "Invalid credentials" error related to IP address restrictions.

Tactical Rundown:

  1. Check IP Address Restrictions: First, confirm whether you have IP address restrictions enabled in your Zendesk account. These restrictions limit access to specific IP addresses and can cause the "Invalid credentials" error if not configured correctly.

  2. Deactivate IP Restrictions: If IP address restrictions are active and causing the error, deactivate them. This can typically be done in your Zendesk account settings. You can find more info on that here

  3. Connect your Zendesk CRM to our Wizard tool again in order to proceed with the migration process.

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