How can I see examples of the data in my source fields?

Last updated: 5/18/22

Applies to: 

  • Migration Wizard Users

Common Causes / Issues: 

  • Understanding how to look at examples of data within certain fields

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DNA icon:

By clicking the DNA icon on your source field, you will receive examples of the data that lives in the selected field. This is particularly useful to help recognize a field and to determine if the field is one that you want to bring across in the migration.

Please note that the first time you click the icon on a given object, it could take a few seconds up to a couple of minutes to generate the data. You can continue with your work and return later to review the data.

How much data will it show me?

You will receive up to five examples per field or up to five examples per complex mapping block (Email, Phone, Website, Address, Relation, etc.) For more information about complex mapping blocks, see here

Can I get more examples for a specific field?

Sure! Every click of the icon will provide you with a new random set of five data examples.

Is this a real data example or are you showing mock data?

This is your real data. Where possible, the data example will link you to the specific record we're pulling the data from. 

What about Relations/Associations?

If you click the DNA icon for a Relation/Association field, you'll currently only see the record ID as the value. We're working hard to expand on this functionality and to provide you with the 'friendly' version of the field, which will show you the name related to this ID.

For example, if you click the DNA icon next to the Relation/Account mapping, we'll show you the record IDs. In the future, we'll show you the account names instead.

I can't see the DNA icon. 

Don't worry! Just refresh the page. If there is an issue, please contact

Is my data secure?

100%. We don't save data examples. They can only be seen by clicking the DNA button.

Still need help?

Please submit an inquiry on the contact page, email, or simply reach out to us via chat.