How Record Owners Are Migrated from CRM

Last Updated: 09/26/23

Applies to: CRM users.

Common Causes / Issues:

Lack of a specific record owner field in CRM.

Solutions Overview:

To address the absence of a specific record owner field in CRM, we rely on the "updated by" field to establish ownership during the process of data migration into your new CRM system. 

Tactical Rundown:

Please keep in mind that this information relates only to Leads, Contacts.

  • Utilizing the "Updated By" Field: Instead of a dedicated ownership field, CRM offers an "updated by" field that captures the user who last made changes to a record. We leverage this field to establish ownership.

  • Data migration into your new CRM: When migrating your data to a new CRM, you can map the "updated by" field to the record owner field in the target CRM. This ensures that ownership information is retained during the transition.

  • Tracking Ownership Changes: Continuously monitor the "updated by" field to track any changes in ownership. When a user updates a record, their name will appear in this field, indicating the current owner.


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