How to Add an IP Address to Whitelist on Salesforce?

Last Updated: 03/01/23

Applies to: 

  • Salesforce CRM users who would like to add an IP address to Whitelist

Common Causes / Issues:

Avoiding the necessity of using a 2FA code during each login to the system

Solutions Overview:

Steps to do in order to add an IP address to Whitelist on SF

Tactical Rundown:

Salesforce CRM has two-factor verification. This means that you have to fill in a username/email and password. Then you go through the verification process by entering your verification code.

To easily access Salesforce CRM via Trujay support and tech team without disturbing our clients, we suggest adding a trusted IP address range of our company to Whitelist on Salesforce.


Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to Salesforce (fill in your username and password)
  2. Verify your identity (enter your verification code)
  3. On the homepage of Salesforce, click  the ‘Setup’ button in the right corner.
  4. In the field of quick searching, find ‘Network access’
  5. On the Whitelist with IP address range,  create a new IP address
  6. Enter our Start IP Address5.58.56.0 and End IP Address5.58.56.255
  7. Enter one more IP Address:

With this trusted IP range, we can log in to Salesforce without filling out a verification code every time.


Watch the video for a visual understanding of the process.




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