Matching records after the migration

Last Updated: 11/27/23

Applies to:

Migration Wizard users that have existing data in their portals and need to match records to avoid data duplication

Solutions Overview:

Explanation of the steps required for the proper matching process before the migration.

Tactical Rundown:

There often happen situations when destination CRM is actively used and already contains some dataset, and either the part or all records of certain objects from source CRM already exist in target CRM. If you would like to avoid data duplication, and just migrate records that you are missing, we offer a matching feature in our migration wizard. 

Let`s say you earlier imported companies to your target CRM in an alternative way - sync or native import, and preserved the ID from the source in a custom field. If you want to avoid bringing them over again during the migration process, and just wish to bring over records related to them - contacts, deals, activities (or only some of those), at the Entities step you still need to select companies' object in the migration wizard.

Below you will find two possible scenarios of using records matching in our tool: 

1. If you are sure that all companies from source CRM exist in target CRM under the matching IDs, you just need to enable matching and disable migration for companies object:


Then click on the settings button on the right and select "matching":


In the new window, you will see dropdown options for the source and target CRMs for matching. You can select any of them. In our case - we use matching by fields: "ID -- Company ID", where Company ID is a custom field that we created during the original import of companies in target CRM, and it stores their source CRM IDs. Click the "Save" button.


Once this is completed, proceed with the next steps:


On the Match Records step you can see the objects (like Organizations - Companies), and you can find your records matched by IDs: the value on the left is the ID of the organization in source CRM, the value on the right is a matching Company ID value of a company in target CRM.

By default, the tool matches the records that fit the criteria one to one, but if the records do not have a match, they get randomly matched to some record in the target CRM. To change this, you can use bulk matching and choose any target record you prefer. At this moment, it`s not possible to uncheck and skip not matching records from the migration process.

2. If you are unsure and you`d like to bring over all the missing companies, you can enable both matching and migration features for this object: 


Match records according to your needs, by selecting options from the drop-down menu. Click "Next" button then:


After clicking "Next" button, you will be redirected to the mapping page:


Once you ensure that everything looks correct, you can then proceed with the sample and full migration!

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