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My relations between accounts and contacts were not migrated over to HubSpot. What should I do?

Last Updated: 05/24/23

Applies to: 

Users doing a data migration from MS Dynamics/ Salesforce to HubSpot, using Wizard functionality.

Common Causes / Issues:

Situations when the association between contacts and accounts is stored on the account level.

Tactical Rundown:

Some CRMs allow adding a relation between an account and a contact on the account level.  This can be useful when a CRM user wants to set a primary contact for a specific account, and it is quite a popular solution in CRMs like Salesforce and MS Dynamics. However, in HubSpot, relationships between accounts and contacts are stored solely on the contacts level. Therefore, due to the CRMs differences, the source CRM relationships may not be migrated.

This can be solved with customization in our tool and converting the relation from account to contact into the relation from Contact to Account. Please contact us here, and we will assist you in this matter.

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