Official Scope of Work

What kind of requests can you send us?

Scope of Work

We've chosen to be laser focused on delivering high-quality HubSpot work. 

This article outlines the areas where wee can help you and where we cannot.

The first two questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Can this task be fully completed in HubSpot?
  • Can I articulate or show what I want?

If yes, we can help you.

Below is a list of tasks we can help you with

  • HubSpot portal audit
  • Training session
  • Consultation session
  • Campaign setup
  • Landing page
  • Website page
  • Chatflows
  • Team inbox setup
  • Forms
  • Lists & segmentation
  • Data import (.csv, .xls, .xlsx)
  • Bulk deduplication
  • Sales email templates
  • Marketing email templates
  • Workflows
  • Sequences
  • Multi-language configuration
  • Lead scoring
  • Custom properties
  • Calculated properties
  • Pipelines (deal and/or ticket)
  • Pipeline automation (deal and/or ticket)
  • Quotes
  • Calendar & meeting links
  • Portal / records customization
  • Knowledge base
  • Survey creation
  • Custom objects
  • Other (please be specific)

Below is a list of tasks we cannot help you with

  • Content creation
  • Wordpress development
  • Legal advice

  • Data enrichment