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The Wizard: Steps to a Self-Service Data Migration

Last Updated: 6/8/22

Applies to:

  • Users who would like to learn the steps to migrate their data from a source CRM to a new target CRM with the help of The Migration Wizard.

Common Causes / Issues:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the process before deciding to purchase
  • Lacking the expertise or time needed to move your data without the help of a 3rd party tool.

Solutions Overview:

Our 5 step process is quite simple to complete your project.

  1. Connect CRMs
  2. Start Sample Migration
  3. Review Results & Pricing
  4. Update Mappings
  5. Complete Full Migration


Tactical Rundown:

1. Connect CRMs

We offer a variety of automatic connection types depending on your source and target system.

  • oAuth = used as a way for internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites without giving them the passwords. This is essentially your login credentials for the selected system.
  • Files = CSV imports
  • Database = credentials to connect to a database remotely (host, port, database name, user's name, and password)
  • API key = a unique identifier used to authenticate a user, developer or calling program to an API


  • If either your source or target system is not automatically supported, we will need to complete a Custom Migration for you instead.
  • This requires more involvement from our team, but we will complete the migration entirely for you.


If successful, the connection card(s) will change states.

Connection_Verified_Pipedrive.    Connection_Verified_HS

You now have a secure connection!

2. Start Sample Migration

You're now presented with 2 routes.

  1. Standard (Recommended)
  2. Advanced 


We recommend going the "Standard" route to begin with.

This will start a free sample migration of ~10% randomized records from your source CRM, auto-map, and migrate them into your new target CRM.


One important note is the sample migration will not migrate all relations.

  • Due to the composition of a CRM, all records in some cases can be related.
  • Thus, we'd be migrating your entire CRM and couldn't offer this free sample for obvious reasons. 


Don't worry about removing the migrated sample data. If needed, you can request Trujay to remove it. We complete this with 1 button click on our end.

The "Advanced" route will skip the automatic free sample and navigate you right into the mappings portion of the product.

Go this route if you're curious about what the interface looks like and the robust functionality the tool provides.

3. Review Mappings & Pricing

Once the sample migration is completed.

You will receive the sample migration results for the migrated records, along with video instructions on how to review, zip file with all records migrated, estimated full migration cost and more.

Review these materials closely for mapping accuracy and compare against your business requirements. Each migration is unique and you will likely need to update your mappings.

Click the "CHANGE FIELDS MAPPING" button when on the sample results page.



This will then navigate you back into the mappings portion of the product.

4. Review Mappings & Pricing

The mappings portion of the product is comprised of 3 sections.

  1. Select Objects
  2. Match Users
  3. Map Fields

Select Objects

This section ONLY renders native CRM objects in the user interface. You have the ability to select or unselect the native CRM objects you want to migrate and map them from the source system to the new system.

If you have non-native objects you need to migrate. Please reach out to support via chat with your use case.

We'll then explore a Custom Migration for you.

Click "NEXT" button when happy.



Map Users

This section enables you the ability to map users from your source system to the new target system. If your system's API allows for the creation of users on the new system. You can complete this right in the UI.

Click the "NEXT" button when satisfied with the process.



Map Fields

This section enables you the ability to map specific fields from your source system to the new target system.

It’s quite robust and can make some people feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry. We’re always available via chat/email to help if you get stuck or have questions.

Here you will see a tab view table of objects you selected to migrate and their respective fields within each object's tab for review. Update any field mappings that are needed and resolve any issues.

Click the “START FREE SAMPLE MIGRATION” button when you are ready.



This begins the sample migration process again. You’ll receive an email notification on the migration status once completed via email.

Complete the “Update Mappings” step as many times as you like before the full migration.

It’s free.

5. Complete Full Migration

When you’re happy with all of these steps purchase the full migration on the sample review page.

Once your credit card information is processed, the full migration process will start automatically.

You’ll receive an email notification on the migration once done.

Boom! You did it, well done.

😎 👏

Still Need Help?

Please submit an inquiry on the contact page or email support@trujay.com.