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What are the matching and merging options on the Select Objects step, and which one to choose for migration?

Last Updated: 06/02/23

Applies to: 

Migration Wizard users.

Common Causes / Issues:

The necessity to select the correct strategy for data migration.

Solutions Overview:

Explanation of the options for matching and migration of records. 

Tactical Rundown:

On the Select Objects steps, you have two options to choose from - to migrate records. Please note that for the "Users" object, by default, two options (migration, merging) are set:

For the other Objects (like Organizations, Files, Activities..), the default "Migration" is set:

Please keep in mind that if you change the option to "Matching" only, for example, for Organizations, then these records will be matched with the existing records which are available on the target CRM now. But they will not be updated, as there is no such option through the Wizard functionality for the client now. Trujay team should be involved in this. 
Thus, if you set "Matching", and there are no records on the target CRM to be matched with, in this case, the records won't be matched or migrated. That is why, by default, it's set to "Migration" for records. 

Also, you can click on "Add New Object" on the right side, select the object from the list on the source CRM, then select the available object on the target CRM (on the right), and save the changes. It will allow you to migrate records from specific objects on the source CRM to the other specific objects on the target CRM (in case there is a technical possibility for that):

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