What is a Validation Error? Why it occurs and how to fix it?

Last Updated: 09/22/23

Applies to:

This article is relevant to users who encounter validation errors during the data migration process in our tool.

Common Causes / Issues:

  • Incomplete or Incorrect Data: Validation errors often occur due to missing or incorrect data within the records. For instance, a required picklist value may be missing or the type of fields in both CRMs are different, or the migrated objects are different.
  • Data Format Errors: Inconsistent data formats or unexpected characters can trigger validation errors.
  • Data Integrity Issues: Data that violates the tool's integrity constraints, such as duplicate entries or invalid references, can lead to validation errors.

Solutions Overview:

When dealing with validation errors, it's essential to understand how to address them effectively. Here's a brief overview of the solutions:

  • Error Descriptions: Begin by reading the error descriptions provided, which will help you identify the specific issue that caused the error.
  • Please contact our support team in live chat at trujay.com or to: support@trujay.com.

Tactical Rundown:

  • Go to Migration Details:
  • Identify the Issue: When a validation error occurs, pinpoint the exact problem. Is it missing data, an incorrect format, or an integrity issue? Read the error descriptions carefully to gain insights into what caused the error. This step is crucial for a targeted solution.
  • Address the Error: Implement the recommended solutions from the help center to address the validation error. This may involve correcting data, reformatting it, or resolving integrity issues:
  • Retest and Migration: After addressing the error, retest the affected records to ensure they meet the validation requirements. Once verified, proceed with the migration process.
  • Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the migration process in real-time to catch any additional validation errors that may arise.
  • Access Help Center: In case you don’t want to do the full migration again (and want to migrate only specific records) - please contact our live chat at trujay.com or email: support@trujay.com 


Validation errors can be frustrating, but with a systematic approach and the resources provided, you can efficiently resolve them during the data migration process. By following the tactical rundown and referring to our help center, you'll be better equipped to handle validation errors and ensure a successful data migration experience.


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