What services does Trujay provide?



Self-Service Migration:  Customer use our online tools to migrate data from their source CRM to their new CRM.  The process involves a sample migration, mapping, insurance and online-guided hours for mapping from our migration experts. More.


Custom Migration:  Trujay will do a full-service migration project for you.  These projects typically are customized due to company’s unique processes and strategies.  We will go through mapping guidance, sample testing data (custom sample testing), QA, delta migration for a smooth transition. 



De-duplication:  After your migration is complete and in the target CRM, we can de-dupe your Contacts and Companies based on custom field matches and merge data in bulk.

Email Contact Cleansing:   We can mark any emails that are not verified or invalid and wipe them from your database.



Onboarding/Consultation:  With HubSpot CRM, Marketing and Services, we can offer full training and onboarding to work in lock step with the migration of data.  We sell different hourly packages starting at 10 hours, but we recommend a 17 hour package.


Workflows Re-Building or Creating:  If you had many workflows for your sales or marketing processes and need to have up and running live in HubSpot, we can build them for you.  Or if you have several workflows you would like us to create once the data has been added, we can build quite quickly with our experts.


Custom Reporting and Dashboards Re-Building or Creating:  If you had many custom reports/dashboards built and need to have up and running live in HubSpot, we can build them for you.  Or if you have several custom reports that need to be created from scratch or cross-object reporting, we can help here.


Marketing Assets Transfer and Reconstruction:  Forms, Landing Pages, CTAs, Templates, Campaigns, Emails are all marketing assets and have some for of design that automation can’t handle, so we have a team who specializes in bringing these assets over quite quickly, even though it is more of a manual effort.


Custom Integration:  We can deliver and on-going sync of data from other solutions with HubSpot for a custom integration.  These integrations can be file one direction integrations with HubSpot or can be complex bi-directional syncs between the SaaS.  We have a platform (iPaaS) called IntegrateHQ that can handle the work without any coding.


HubSpot/Salesforce Native Integration Optimization:  If you’re trying to utilize the native sync between HubSpot and Salesforce and it’s not working or mapping correctly, we can help here.  There are many limitations with the native sync and we can optimize the integration and clean up any mess it’s causing.