How to migrate from Salesforce with the help of CSV files?

When your existing Salesforce edition doesn't have the API access, the optimal solution to switch to another CRM in an automated way is to transfer data with the help of CSV files.

You can do Salesforce backup files in two ways:

1. Use Trujay service.

It allows you to export different modules or all the modules with saved relations between records. That means if you decide to transfer your data from CSV to another platform, it will have the same connections as it had in your Salesforce account.

2. Use the option Salesforce offers.

First of all, you have to backup your current CRM data:

    1. Go to your Salesforce admin panel and choose 'Setup'.
      Then go on the left side of the page layout, press ‘Data Management’ and ‘Data Export’


    1. Push "Export now" button.


    1. Now, you may export your Salesforce. To that, do the following:
      - Put mark on "Include all data".
      - Make sure you’ve marked the switched fields.
      - Press "Start export".



Next, to proceed with the CRM migration, upload your CSV files into your Dropbox account.

--- Register an account or login to your Dropbox and click upload button to import your Salesforce backup:


After that, you should go back to the migration wizard  and download your CSV files from Dropbox



Now run your CSV automatic migration.

Also, it is recommended to know How to Migrate Data from CSV Files into CRM With All Relations Between Modules.

Note: As well, to avoid semi-manual data migration though using CSV files, you can Enable API Access in Salesforce Classic or Lightning Edition and run automatic Salesforce migration with using an API key.